About the Book

The Book of Voices is a book about
  how we remember who we are,
  how we reach out to each other, and
  how we see ourselves
    while history and miracles are happening around us.

In modern San Francisco, the kiss of an angel reveals the mystery of a translator’s family and hidden history.

In ancient Judaea, a prophet who has lost her memory channels the voices of people from the Hebrew Bible as she seeks to rediscover her true self.

Over thousands of years of mythic history, from the creation of the universe to the end of the Prophetic Age, voices call out from the crucial moments in which lives change.

Angels and prophets move through space and time, travel the branching paths of possible histories, step into the world of dreams, and cross the border between life and death. Stories, once told, reach back into history, and change the facts of what happened.

And a hidden school of prophets, the Sisters of Sarah, guide and alter people’s fates, helping people learn to be better people, and helping God learn to be a better God.

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