The Book of Voices Audio Project

The Book of Voices Audio Project is a radio drama project based on The Book of Voices.

Pilot Episodes created for the Book of Voices Audio Project. These are fairly raw, with audio difficulties and other issues that should not appear when we rerecord them for the final project. Voices include Robert Branch, Arthur Chu, Ken Kurp, Giorgiana Lascu, Shonna Nitzel, Sarah Peters, Robb Scott, and Joseph Zitt.

Most of the series consists of dramatizations of monologues by the individual characters. The series, when complete, will include about sixty episodes. Joseph Zitt is adapting the chapters of his book into radio scripts and composing original music for most episodes, which will run between five and thirty minutes each. The series will be recorded in the studios at Cuyahoga Community College and produced and directed by Joseph Zitt and by Giorgiana Lascu for Old Coal Pictures.

Three pilot episodes were recorded in the spring semester to get an idea of what the series would be. In doing the pilot project, the producers saw that the project would clearly benefit from the skills and expertise of a trained recording engineer, so we intend to rerecord them at the start of the project. A core cast has come together for the series. More actors and occasional musicians will be recruited as needed.

If you’re interested in getting involved, email Joseph Zitt.

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