As David flees his son Absalom’s rebellion, angels within the Ark show their guardian, the High Priest Zadok, hopeful visions of reconciliation.
“David, our king, is leaving his city, our city, on a path whose tracks are drawn by his tears and ours. And I have been left behind.”

Zadok’s vision of Absalom riding out to make peace with his father may indeed have happened, but had Shimei’s rocks not interrupted the vision, it might have continued so that Zadok would have seen the mission fail. And having seen it fail, he might have been able to take action to make it succeed (assuming, of course, that he wasn’t simply viewing an inevitable future).

Shimei is drawn directly from the Biblical text, where he repeatedly curses and throws rocks at David’s group. But when he is later brought before David, David surprises his court by sparing Shimei’s life.


Have you ever had dreams or visions of the future? If so, did you believe that the future that you saw was fixed or mutable? Did they turn out to be true?

If you believed them to be mutable, did you see something that you wanted to change for the better? Were you inspired to do so, and did it work? Would you have taken action to change it had you not had the vision or dream?

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