An administrator’s patience is tested as he tries to his a rambunctious mob of prophets from the king.
“I can tell you this: a scroll survives into the future, with prophecies written under your name.”

This section was written for the second edition of The Book of Voices. The story of Obadiah hiding the prophets in the caves gave the idea, midway through writing the first edition, for the school of the Sisters of Sarah being located underground. I had completely forgotten this, though, by the time that I wrote this story, and only was reminded about it in redoing this website.

It felt right, rhythmically, to have a story here from the point of view of the prophets caught in Jezebel’s attempt to purge them from the population. Opinions differ (as usual) as to whether the Obadiah who hid the prophets is the same as the person who wrote the book of the same name. Legends point to his having originally been an Edomite who came to believe in the god of Israel.

After I wrote it, people who read it pointed out that the experience with a ragtag bunch of revolutionaries who had trouble reaching consensus on things might have arisen from my experience with the Occupy movement. I can see the connections.


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