One week after his coronation, a betrayed king drinks himself into unconsciousness as his palace burns around him.
“If the Lord will not listen to my prayers, perhaps he will listen to my flames, to my sacrifice.”

Both Israel and Judah had a lot of kings (though a look at this timeline shows the kingdoms to have been somewhat more stable than the flow of stories in the Bible makes it appear). Zimri’s reign appears to have been the shortest.

The Bible makes several references to other books of history. Almost all, except the Bible itself, have been lost. Where people might have taken comfort in the knowledge that their acts were recorded, the records often did not survive. Who can tell how much of our history has been lost?


Will you be remembered after you, and everyone who knew you personally, are gone?

Would you prefer to be remembered or to fade into history?

If you want to be remembered, are you doing anything to preserve your legacy? Are you reasonably certain that the legacy will be preserved?

Would you prefer to be forgotten? Are there any incidents or aspects of your personality that you hope that people would forget?

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